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Land 8.9: Here’s what’s new

Land software version 8.9 is out now, offering new and exciting features. Read below to find out more:


– Tracks saved automatically in real time

– View the routes stored on your PC by folders

– Improved file syncing with the GO Cloud

– New ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ functions in the button bar

– Close several files at once in just 1 click

– Land is even easier and more accessible for everyone


– Various unwanted behaviors in the track editor.

– Transfer tracks to some new Garmin GPS.

– If several waypoints are deleted at once, sound is played for each one.

– Several import problems in *.TIFF maps.

– On Mac, the graphics buttons doesn’t appear.

– Keyboard combinations do not work on Mac (for example: ‘Undo’ with CMD + Z and ‘Delete’ with DEL).

– The update process on certain TwoNav GPS (Anima, Ultra, Sportiva, Delta …) works properly again.

– Other minor issues fixed.

Try yourself!

Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.