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Land: Start and finish points easier to tell apart

Do you find it difficult to tell the start and finish points of your tracks apart? From now on, in Land 8.7, this will be more intuitive. Remember: the start point will always be green, and the finish point will be red. Try it for yourself!

Everyone who works with linear tracks (tracks not circular) has at some point had problems identifying the track’s start point. In Land, it’s easy to locate the points at both ends of the route, but at first glance it’s not that easy to identify which of the two points is the start and which is the finish.

Well, starting with Land 8.7, your itineraries will show up in the map window with two points at each end of the track:

Green point: Indicates the start of the track

Red point: Indicates the finish of the track

Now you will not only know where your itinerary starts, but you’ll be able to quickly identify the direction of the track. As you will see in Land 8.7, this small improvement has also been applied in the data tree.


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