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Roadbooks: Transform your routes into rich tracks

We propose a challenge: Turn your routes into… Digital Roadbooks! Haven’t discovered the world of Roadbooks yet? Turn your tracks into Roadbooks with Land 9.

What is a digital roadbook?
Formerly a Roadbook was a notebook where the maneuvers of an itinerary were noted down. A digital Roadbook is a track enriched with comments, waypoints and images

What is a digital Roadbook for?
To explore unknown terrain where you do not have internet and it is necessary to have references and information

How is a digital Roadbook created?
2 elements are enough: A track and the Land software

Create your own digital Roadbook in less than 5 minutes with Land

1 – Open your track

2 – In the button bar, press ‘Create/Edit track’

3 – Click a point where to create a Roadbook point. Once selected, press ‘Add Roadbook Point’ in the editor

Land Roadbook

4 – Add all the data of the point (name and icon). Repeat this action for each Roadbook point

5 – To add descriptions and images, right click on the track and press ‘Edit > Edit Roadbook’

6 – Once ready, save the resulting file in *.BTRK format and synchronize it with your device

If you want to add more information to your Roadbook points, right click on the track and select ‘Edit > Edit Roadbook’. A drop-down menu will open where you can add more information to your points like, description, sketches, photographs etc.

Forget paper, now all the information is on your track!

Do you have more questions? We are by your side
You just have to contact the TwoNav Customer Service, they will answer your questions. That easy!