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Land: New orthophoto map of the entire world now available

Do you need a map for your next adventure and don’t have one for the area? Download Land 8.7 right now and use the new worldwide orthophoto map. It’s free, so use it as often as you need!

Surely the first question that comes to mind is: “What is an orthophoto map?”

An orthophoto is a satellite photograph with information on the Earth’s surface. In other words, it’s an overhead photo that includes all the real elements that make up the ground layer of the earth (buildings, trees, roads…).

Land: New orthophoto map of the entire world

Follow these steps to view this new map for free:

IMPORTANT: Internet access is required to display the map.

1 – Centre the map window over the geographical area that you want the map to show.

2 – In the data tree, press ‘Online files > On-line maps > World’.

3 – Select the map in question: ‘Aerial_ESRI_ArcGIS.cwms’.

4 – The map will then be loaded. The loading process may take a few seconds.

Despite being an on-line map, you can also use it on your GPS even though it doesn’t have an internet connection. To do so, you must create a map section (portion of the on-line map that you will save on your computer). This way you can have a part of the map without having to be connected to the internet during your activity.

By the way, remember that the ‘On-line maps’ section of the Land data tree offers other free maps from around the world that you can use to plan your next outings.

Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.