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Mamberamo Expedition (Indonesia) & GPS Aventura 2

Nowadays adventure seems impossible. The world has slowed down, the most unspoilt places on the planet remain more silent than ever, unexplored.

Diego Cortijo, a member of the Spanish Geographical Society travels to Indonesia with our GPS Aventura 2, to remote Papua trying to collect information from one of the most unknown places on the Earth, the Mamberamo River.

Diego Cortijo with our GPS Aventura 2

«In the XXI century it is possible to explore. Yes, explore. In the era of satellites there are still unknown territories, there are still areas where isolated human groups live, lost archaeological remains. For me, a GPS is not a device that traces a route… for me sometimes it’s the difference between life and death, and between returning with data from sites or communities or losing all work.
The Spanish technology of TwoNav has allowed me to embed any image, old maps, orthophotos… in the device, since the area to be explored in my last expedition to Papua was totally unknown, with a very poor cartography.
I mistreat equipment and I need something agile and above all with a simple interface, that is what has made the difference with TwoNav.«

This project has been possible thanks to Tatiana Pankratof, photographer, travel agent and indomitable soul who always saw it clear that our destination would be Papua. Olmo Romero, a digital nomad, who long ago left his life in Spain to have a new one in each country where he resides, now based in Bali, would be absolutely essential to get this project going. And who subscribes this, who defined the geographical objective of this journey.

Follow them on their adventure!