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New Land 8.8 version now available

We are proud to present you with our latest version of our LAND software so you can get your update even before the new year…

Here we are listing of the new features incorporated into LAND 8.8.

Locations of all your activities and routes on the map

From now on you can follow all your activities and routes in LAND. From the main map menu, go to the “stored files” folder to display all the options.

Once you have enabled the submenu, you can select or deselect the eye icon according to your viewing preferences. Double click on the options you prefer to see on the map.

Monitor your “Suunto” watch recorded activities with LAND and Go- cloud 

If you want to see the activities you previously recorded in devices like Suunto watch, just go to the “On-line Files” folder that you will find at the bottom of the menu and select the “Suunto” option. The system will ask for your username to access the map.

Note: We are working with our partnership with Suunto for you. Thought, at the moment “Suunto” does not allow loading routes created directly on Land, you can still upload them by adding GPX files from the same system. You will find more information on how to link these files to “Suunto” in this tutorial.

Synchroning with other devices, like  TwoNav GPS and with our  GO-cloud

Another new feature of the 8.8 release is the possibility of synchronizing LAND with other devices, like TwoNav GPS and even with GO-cloud. So far, any new files from any device were uploaded to the cloud using a WiFi connection, but now you can also do it through a USB connection.

More functionalities

This new version of Land offers a new tool called “Divide track”,  located at the buttons bar of the route editor. It has also been added in the menu of the track itself. Furthermore, we have added this new functionality also in the track menu, and when using the “unify” tool, 3D location points to highlight have been incorporated, both at the beginning and at the end of your route. Also note that the maps are already sorted by folders. If you have created routes with OSMaps, you can now connect to that platform to download the routes you have created.

Note: In addition to Land 8.8, TwoNav GPS devices can also benefit from the same new functionalities. The current version 4.7 of our Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike GPSs already allows you to use color and visual quality in * GPX and the next version of  the same GPS (v.4.8 is cooming soon!) will allow you to use the remaining properties, as well as the * FIT format tracks. As for the improvements in the * .GPX format, it should be noted that you can edit and save a greater number of specifications on your route configuration: color, density, activity type (hiking, mountain biking …), difficulty, terrain and more… The changes also reach the * .FIT format since Land already allows the editing of the following properties: title, description, sensor information and  the filter of outliers.




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