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Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló retake the lead in the Titan Desert

Photos and videos provided by the KH7 team

If in the fourth stage Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló suffered from a breakdown, in this fifth stage it was up to the couple formed by Misha Sekulova and Tomi Misser. This has taken them away from the first position.

According to the KH7 team, Núria Picas said that “it was a very beautiful day where experience has played a decisive role. We have come out ahead of the dunes. We have deflated the tires and for the first time in my life I can say that I have surfed with the mountain bike. We had a blast. And when you have such a good time, everything is rolled. We have teamed up with Melcior Mauri and Sara Gay and we have done a brutal teamwork. It went very well. It has been a great race ”, adding that“ the secret is to drink and eat. You have to hydrate well. The 20/40 rule, drink every 20 minutes and eat every 40, here it is 10/40, you have to drink every ten minutes (…) The finals are always tough, but we are very satisfied and we cannot complain. In any case, on the Titan you can never take anything for granted because at the minimum you will lose the race. It is the magic of this race too. You can never sleep peacefully ”.

In the men’s category, highlight the role of Josep Betalú, king of the desert for his great experience in this field. He made risky decisions at this stage, and not all of them turned out well for him. Finally he achieved the fourth position.

Abraham Olano was in eleventh position, Óscar Carrasco and Miguel Muñoz have qualified in fifteenth and sixteenth place. Sara Gay, Genís Zapater and Melcior Mauri have practically entered the Top60 together.


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