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Proximity Sports. Find fun activities nearby

Every week an adult should exercise for 150-300 minutes. From a moderate activity to a more intense one, we all need to practice any activity in order to keep our body and mind in the right place especially in this strange time. Starting with just 30 minutes a day will put you in the middle of that range. 

Right now, it could be difficult to practice a long time outing regarding the respectives security and health restrictions due to the COVID-19, so TwoNav was thinking how to make you enjoy your favorite activity close to home or even inside!

Better for you to enjoy those 30 minutes a day by practicing something you will enjoy.

Reasy, set, play!!

Walking and Running

Walking or running in your neighborhood can get boring quickly, so why don’t you test yourself with some cardio exercises? Sprint for 100m, sprint for 500m, try to get your higher score for a kilometer in the street or inside your neighbor park. Upload your results with your TwoNav Cloud Go and share it with your friends so you can compete with them.

GPS Cross is recommended for this activity. We share with you “Freedom To Discover” Spotify playlist.

Tip to warm up at home: bring a little dance party  in your own living room. Video call with your friend.

Build your own workout routine

Some of us are stuck at home, some of us are working from home, enjoy your free time differently and create your own schedule, you can practice sport at any time even while you’re sitting in front of your computer!

And if you are bored with your gym music, enjoy your own jam’s 😉

Take the stairs

Love hiking, love climbing? Never underestimate the power of your building stairs, your house stairs, the ones at the mall centers or at your grocery store. Take them all. You will enforce your major muscle groups in the legs and glutes.

And become from now on a competitive stair climber and encourage your friends to do so.

Walking meetings

Here at TwoNav we respect our security guidelines related to the COVD-19 and we try to have a nice mix between working from home and at the office. And the more you work at home, the more meetings you will have. So here’s a good way to make every day a “walking meeting”. You can count your steps with a lot of applications too.

Ride or Die

Time to take your bike and explore neighborhoods, parks, and go for weekend trips while respecting your country’s guidelines. Family activity is always good, time to try another GPS and discover more roads.

Picture by Billy Fotograf. Jose Navas (TwoNav Ambassador) wit GPS Trail 2 Bike

Weekend Hike

Helen “Lovemountains”, TwoNav Ambassador

Are you lucky enough to live by a mountain or close so you can drive while respecting your country restrictions? Just keep on discovering your hometown and region. We used to travel to other countries a lot, time for now to practice some regional activities and support your local hospitality workers too.

GPS Aventura 2 and GPS Aventura 2 Motor are highly recommended for this activities.

Alone with my dog

Your best fury partners need activity too so bring them with you all mornings and evenings, time to log off and play with them. Maybe they will become your new routine partner.


Try a new sport

Always wanting to drive a quad as a kid? Want to practice on an electric bike this summer to go further? This pandemic teached all of us that time is precious so better to do what we love or always wanted. Here at TwoNav, we help different types of athletes to enjoy and discover the outdoors. Discover our different sports in our website. Discover our ambassadors and their own activities to get inspired

Date differently

Saint-Valentine is over and you are bored of speed dating. Bring your date to the mountains and bring your TwoNav to stay safe… ;)))

Orienteering / Geocaching 

Hike or bike you will need to travel to different areas on a map as fast as possible. Learn how to navigate, orient yourself in the wildness and great outdoors.

Tip : Bring your children, they will get busy and while geocaching there are always some gifts at the end 😉

Discover our software Land and Maps

Do you you the plogging ?

Plogging or sometimes eco-jogging is a citizen cleaning activity which is described as a combination of jogging and garbage collection. The Swedish term plogging is formed from the contraction of plocka upp and jogging.

Hit the neighborhood, parcs, beach or close mountains and clean a bit. Mother Nature will appreciate. 

You can always switch activities and adapt you eco responsible behavior to any type of activity

You want more info about plogging, keep an eye on our brand ambassador Roberto Cavallo or even eco projects of Albert Bosch.


Stand-up paddle or kayaking

New trend since last year, SUP is the new thing if you’re water safe. Don’t forget all our GPS all IP-67 and are completely waterproof so enjoy over horizons ALONE.

Paddling with a friend at 2 meters of distance is possible. 

Support your local surf shop or water sports rental locations. They need us too during this time !!

Tip : Some people enjoy yoga on their paddle boards

Picture by Lee García