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Santa Claus, new TwoNav Ambassador

Today we bring you great news, we have signed Santa Claus as a new TwoNav ambassador!

Santa needed, more than ever, a push for his mission to be successful. He couldn’t let anyone go without his gifts, so he decided to ask us to help him travel safely on Christmas night.

Here is a short interview to welcome you to the 2020 TwoNav Ambassadors program.

Interview with Santa Claus

Santa Claus visiting the TwoNav headquarters in Arenys de Mar

TwoNav: Hello Santa! We are especially excited to be able to interview you, what do you think of being one of our ambassadors?

Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! Well, it is always a pleasure to have a little extra help for that night, and what better than with one of TwoNav’s GPS?

TN: You received the welcome letter along with several models, did you expect to receive gifts at this point?

SC: It was a real surprise! I was looking forward to trying your Trail 2 and Aventura 2 but I admit that Cross was also on my wish list this year. It will be great to be able to test them.

TN: When you received the welcome letter, what did you feel?

SC: It was a joy! Ho Ho Ho! It also came perfect to be able to prepare everything well with the Land software and choosing the maps that I needed for this important mission.

Santa reviewing the wish list of the TwoNav Christmas list

TN: Santa, do you usually play sports? We do not know what you do throughout the year …

SC: I actually move around a lot, even though it doesn’t seem like it! Ho ho! I go hiking in the mountains and I have become fond of bikepacking thanks to the article you published a few weeks ago on the blog about this topic. Now with these GPS it will be much more fun and with Mrs. Claus to lose ourselves on the routes and explore.

TN: You are just promoting our slogan “Freedom To Discover”! I think you will fit very well in the TwoNav family, we are sure that you will make millions of families happy this Christmas.

SC: Well, I have to leave you, friends. I have to train a bit, you know?

TN: We don’t steal more time from you. Thank you very much for this interview and good luck!