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This is Aventura 2, the new TwoNav GPS designed for real explorers

We are proud to introduce at TwoNav  our new Aventura 2, an innovative GPS navigation device thought for extreme sports athletes and lovers who want to fully enjoy outdoor adventures safely. This powerful GPS has been conceived to endure the worst weather conditions so that extreme sports athletes can benefit from all the custom adventure functionalities the device offers, while safely relying in Aventura 2 to take them back to civilization. Extra maps upload is available using LAND so you can prepare there your route ahead. You can also follow other users online on real time any time anywhere with our user-friendly SeeMe platform.

The NEW Aventura 2 GPS provides up to 30 hours autonomy and is capable to store up to 16GB, from which 12GB will be free so you can store additional data. It also has a MicroUSB port and is programmed withGRPS/ANT+/BLE/BLUETOOTH/WI-FI technology. It also includes a barometer and a digital compass so you always stay on course. You will find Aventura 2 MOTOR version available soon too.

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Next 10th to 15th February we are to put our new Aventura 2 GPS to the test with selected alpinists and mountain sports athletes.

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