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Tips for improving the battery life of your GPS

Battery life is one of the most frequent problems facing outdoor enthusiasts. Below are some tips for extending the battery life of your GPS device for as long as possible.

Although technology is constantly evolving, battery limits continue to be the Achilles heel for many technology products. It’s happened to all of us. Who hasn’t been affected by this at least once? What can you do when current technology holds you back? Keep reading!

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

As is the case with smartphones, one of the highest drains on the battery are the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The vast majority of GPS devices automatically connect to both networks, and before you know it, the battery is draining by leaps and bounds.

We recommend turning off Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi when you don’t need it. For example, after you’re done transferring your tracks to the GPS, turn off Wi-Fi. If you use the GPS unit to get in shape, at the end of the workout, turn off Bluetooth so it stops receiving data from your sensors. If you use a TwoNav GPS, press the status bar for the option to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off whenever you want.

Adjust the display brightness

Adjust the display brightness

An overly bright display, in addition to being counterproductive, can have a considerable effect on battery life. For example, at dawn,twilight or when it’s pitch black out, too much light can be uncomfortable. We recommend adjusting the screen brightness whenever you need to. The option is there, you just have to remember it.

In addition to being more comfortable, you’ll also extend the battery life. And if you turn on Night mode, your device will know what time it is and automatically change the screen brightness. The screen on your GPS will dim and show an interface with darker tones that are less bothersome to the human eye. Adjust the screen brightness on your TwoNav GPS from the Main menu > Settings > System > Display and brightness.

Turn on the intermittent GPS connection

Turn on the intermittent GPS connection

One of the least-known TwoNav features is intermittent signal recording. What does intermittent recording mean? It may seem like a hard concept to understand, but it’s not. By default, the GPS signal is recorded continuously, meaning the unit records data during the entire itinerary.

If, however, you turn on intermittent recording, TwoNav will turn the GPS off every so often to save energy. The track will still be recorded, but the position will not be calculated until the GPS connection is reestablished. This will reduce the accuracy of the track recorded, but your device won’t use as much battery. Turn on the intermittent GPS connection from the Main menu > Settings > System > GPS settings.

Turn off the display when not using the device

This is as simple as it is effective: turn off the display when not using it. A lot of time, the GPS screen is on for hours, even if you’re not using it. This is the main source of battery drain. Remember that you can lock the display at any time with a long press of the Lock button on your TwoNav GPS.






If you’re the careless type, don’t worry. You can set up your TwoNav GPS to turn the display off automatically when the unit isn’t active. For example, you can set the screen to turn off automatically after one minute if you don’t interact with it. Set up the automatic time-out for your TwoNav display from the Main menu > Settings > System > Display and brightness.

Use spare batteries or additional chargers

Use spare batteries or additional chargers

If the above tips don’t do it for you, there’s always the option of being extra cautious and taking additional accessories with you, like external chargers. You can buy everything from wall chargers that you can use as soon as you reach the next shelter, to power up AA chargers that you can easily connect to your GPS in any situation.

And if you’re an Anima, Horizon or Aventura user, remember that your device has a removable battery. Take a spare battery with you and you’ll be able to double the battery life on your device by swapping out the batteries.

Now it’s your turn! The next time you go out, remember these tips and put them into practice. Combine any of these tricks and enjoy doing what you love for longer.