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Titan Desert 2020. Josep Betalú is the stage winner

Josep Betalú is the leader of this stage and Sílvia Roura increases the distance respect to Ramona Gabriel in the fight for second place.

Tabernas, 04/11/2020

Josep Betalú show us the high athlete he is. The cyclist of the KH7 Logifrio team has the Titan Desert as the main objective of the year and plans the season to reach the desert in full power. Nobody knows how to do it better than him. Not in vain is he the winner of the last four editions and leads the general classification, which positions him to get the fifth victory, something that not even Roberto Heras has achieved. In addition, he can do it consecutively, emulating what his current teammate, the best Spanish cyclist of all time, Miguel Induráin, did in the Tour de France.

Betalú has the advantage of having a true Dream Team, teammates who work incessantly so that you can do your job in the most placid way possible. Iván Díaz and Oriol Colomé are shown as their loyal squires and they are also capable of adding excellent results, as demonstrated by the sixth and ninth place of the day today. In addition, this is joined by the experience of the best team leader, Melcior Mauri.

“The team has worked great again. At the port, Sergio Mantecón set a strong rhythm and I was able to go with him. We took José Márquez and then Sergio pushed and I got behind the wheel giving him full responsibility. I am very happy, with this victory we gain more distance with other riders, but I still have Mantecón on the prowl. He is a very difficult rider to win, ”said Betalú after the race.

As for the performance of Miguel Induráin, father and son, today for the first time the offspring has managed to cross the finish line before his father for the first time in the race, although he is still behind in the general classification by just under 20 minutes.

Sílvia takes hold as second

The career of the girls follows the same trend as in the last days. Clàudia Galicia crosses the finish line alone and Sílvia Roura and Ramona Gabriel fight for the second classification. Today Clàudia won the stage ten minutes behind Roura, from the KH7 Logifrio team. She reached the finish line again before Ramona Gabriel, increasing the overall distance to three minutes and seven seconds.

Marta Ballús, for her part, was eighth and Gemma Rossell entered fifteenth position.

Josep Betalú “People from Almería had told me that today would be an easier stage, but it was not like that. On the Titan there is never a simple stage, you can never get lost.
It is a luxury to have riders like Oriol, Sergi, who was very good today, or Iván Díaz. It gives a lot of security and this makes the opponent think twice when attacking. For tomorrow, I am still wearing the leader’s jersey and I am not the one who has to be offensive, rather I have to be defensive. I have legs, I feel good, every day it seems that I am picking up the rhythm and these changes of rhythm that Sergio makes, I can keep them better, so I am motivated, happy and wanting to continue fighting ”.

Sílvia Roura: “The truth is that I’m really enjoying this Titan. It’s the one that is doing the best for me. Today’s stage was fast, we thought it would be smoother and the truth was that it was also very hard. There was no neutralized section and this has hurt me a bit, because I could not open the exit gap, but I stayed behind Ramona’s wheel who is third and so on until a few meters before the finish, I saw that I could push and I have been able to get about 20-30 seconds out of it.

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