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TwoNav accessories for bike. What I have to choose?

When you practive cycling is very important to be well equipped in order to enjoy the full experience. At TwoNav we have many accessories that will help you make your route a success. Here are three highlights.

Our accessories, designed and manufactured by TwoNav (“Made in Spain” manufacturing) offer greater support for bicycles, as they are designed to be adapted to different types of cycling, whether road, gravel or MTB.

Quicklock upfront level bike mount (31,8 mm or 35mm)

This support allows you to maintain a more comfortable posture when viewing the screen and operating with the GPS. It is especially recommended for road and gravel cycling.

Thanks to the QuickLock system, it holds the GPS device firmly and reliably in front of the handlebar and at the same height level.

Quicklock elevated bike mount (31,8 mm or 35mm)

Securely and reliably hold the GPS device above the handlebar with the QuickLock system for fast and strong attachment of compatible devices.

Its use is indicated for mountain bikes, since the GPS is more stable and protected.

Quicklock stem / handlebar bike mount

It is our most versatile accessory. It is specially designed for off-road activities. It holds the GPS very securely on the stem or on the handlebar of the bicycle and includes rubbers for mounting on handlebars as well as on stems of different diameters.

Its QuickLock system makes it fit quickly and remain stabilized.

Consult our Support team if you need to know more technical questions or do not decide which one to buy.