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TwoNav Wins Garmin Titan Desert 2019

On Sunday, April 28, the Garmin Titan Desert 2019 began, 600 km of race through the Sahara dunes. A demanding adventure that attracts more and more cyclists every year who dare to face the harsh desert conditions.

For the consecutive year, TwoNav sponsored the VIORCAM KH-7 team, led by former professional cyclist Melcior Mauri to race in the Garmin Titan Desert 2019, providing each team member with a GPS device Trail Bike.

The first stage saw 675 racers take to the desert route. Despite the difficulty of the terrain and the overwhelming heat, after 109 km, VIORCAM KH-7 team members Josep Betalú and Anna Ramírez were proclaimed winners of that day.

The second stage, known as the marathon, was marred by the tragic death of Fernando Civera, a 46-year-old cyclist who tragically lost his life.

The third stage was suspended out of respect for Civera’s death.

On Wednesday, the 1st of May, Anna Ramírez won her third consecutive stage and Josep Betalù regained his leading position.

Sylvain Chavanel, former professional cyclist, won the 5th stage. Anna Ramírez also kept hold of her title from the previous day with 17 minutes ahead of the general classification, making her the clear favourite. Josep Betalù continued to lead.

During the 6th and last stage, the riders gave it their all until they reached the finish line. Anna Ramírez won the Garmin Titan Desert for the third time. Josep Betalú, won the most difficult races in the world for the fourth consecutive time.

Trail Bike, makes it to the podium

The win has been possible thanks to Trail Bike, the GPS for extreme cyclists of the Spanish company TwoNav. A device prepared for orientation even in inhospitable terrains such as the Sahara desert.


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