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Women in sports history. Gold medal for them!

Today, women have a very important role in sports; they can do whatever they propose to do.

Did you know that women, during ancient Greece, held their own Olympic Games? They were called the “Hereos Games” in honor of the goddess Hera and consisted of races divided into three age categories that were held every four years.

If we go into the Middle Ages, the role of women in sports was practically nullified. Only a few upper-class women could practice horse riding. However, during the same time in some Asian countries women practiced various sports, including cuju, with rules similar to soccer

In the Contemporary Age women could not participate in the first Olympics arguing the organizing committee that “they were not suitable for women.” In response to this discrimination, a group of women formed the Women’s World Games, a fact that contributed significantly to the role of women in the field of sports competition.

A race towards equality

Women’s sports still have many medals to achieve, since the distance from men’s sports in relevance, salaries or the number of people who practice it is evident despite the fact that it has decreased notably in the last 50 years.

All deserve recognition for their struggle and perseverance, from Pura Zapico, a great handball promoter, Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run a marathon, Montserrat Guash in the rowing mode, or more current figures such as Arantxa Sánchez Vicario (tennis).

Also noteworthy are athletes such as Edurne Pasaban, a Spanish mountaineer who entered the history of mountaineering after crowning the Shisha Pangma in 2010 and becoming the first woman to reach the top of the 14 ‘eight thousand’ of the Himalayas.

And now that? International organizations are beginning to bet on women’s sports and, also, on mixed participation, already having some cases such as horse riding, golf, motor racing or mountains. Examples of an evolution that will surely continue.

At TwoNav, we also want to highlight our incredible ambassadors: Elles Font Du Vélo, Gilles Ducol, Helen Lovemountains (Elena Grau), Laura Walden, Agnes Marcoux, Nuria Picas and Silvia Roura all their dedication and involvement in the TwoNav projects and a big applause for all the goals they manage to achieve thanks to your effort and dedication.




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