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3 different ways to create a track in Land

Here are 3 mini tutorials to help you learn how to create your routes in Land in a very simple way. Which one is your favorite?

Create a point to point track

To create this type of track, you have to mark the route you want by clicking on the map and Land will draw the track.

Draw Track

To create the track freehand, you simply have to mark where you want to start the track and draw the route with the mouse button pressed. Once you release the mouse button, Land will draw the track you have drawn.

Fast Track

Mark the starting point and the destination point and Land will automatically create the track for you. You can also decide which path to take at intersections to make sure that the generated track goes through the points of interest you don’t want to miss. To use this tool you will need vector maps.

Bonus Track. Learn how to create routes with Alternatives

With the latest version of Land you can create routes with detours and alternatives, so in a single track you can carry more than one route plan.

If you liked these mini tutorials do not miss the rest of tutorials to work with tracks or maps that we have created for you to get the most out of your route planner.

Haven’t tried Land yet? Download it for free and start preparing your routes efficiently.