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Land: Transfer routes to your TwoNav GPS via Wi-Fi

Tired of using cables to connect the GPS to the computer? Download Land and forget about cables. With this new version you will be able to transfer your next itinerary to the GPS in one click.

From now on you can send your activities to the GPS without having to connect it via USB cable, just open the contextual menu on the route you want to transfer and press ‘Send to > My GPS’. You can do it from the data tree or directly above the element on the map window. Remember that to send your routes via Wi-Fi, your TwoNav GPS must have version TwoNav 4.5 (or higher) and GO must be activated both in Land and in GPS.

From that moment on, when your device has Wi-Fi it will automatically receive the file (a file received message will appear on the screen). Then, the file will be downloaded automatically and, once the download is complete, it will appear open in the list of routes as normal (‘Main menu > Routes’).

Land: Transfiere rutas a tu GPS TwoNav vía Wi-Fi

If in addition to Land, you also use the GO web portal (, you can also transfer your routes to the GPS via Wi-Fi. Find the route you want to transfer and click the ‘Send to GPS’ button.

By the way, if the transferred file is inside a folder, that folder will also be sent, so you will keep the same folder structure.

Get the most out of your Land by consulting its interactive manual.


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