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4 Routes 1 Destiny. Stage 1

We bring you a summary of the first day of our new challenge 4 Routes 1 Destiny (# 4Routes1Destiny).

Our ambassadors, BIKE team and the HIKE team, were facing the first stage, one of the longest that the Camino will bring them. The enthusiasm of starting this challenge were reflected in the faces of the ambassadors, the Ferrol Pier and the León Cathedral were the witnesses of this moment.


The HIKE team had more than 40 km ahead of them on a very varied terrain and with little unevenness. Leaving Ferrol following the high estuaries and crossing some small municipalities until reaching spectacular beaches was the prize that awaited our hikers. They marked some points with the TwoNav Land software to be able to reach these wonderful places such as Praia Rio Sandeu, and with the help of their GPS (Cross, Trail and Aventura 2), they were able to locate them, visit them and resume the English way to continue on their way. until the end of the first stage, Miño.


For its part, the BIKE team started in León, and after more than 100 km they reached Molinaseca. The ascent to the Iron Cross stood out above all, luckily there they were able to leave a stone, as tradition dictates, and lighten the weight a bit to continue the path. The terrain was varied with parts of asphalt and parts of track, with some very nice trails. The abrupt change of landscape stands out, from the flat fields of Castilla – León to a much more wooded and undulating landscape when entering Galicia. Undoubtedly many spectacular moments that make this experience, without a doubt, unforgettable.

Now for the second !!

Remember that you can follow the stages in real time in TwoNav’s Instagram stories and in the ambassadors’ accounts.