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The 5 main features of the new TwoNav App

If you are already a TwoNav App user and you have not tried the new app update, we recommend that you continue reading. In this article you will find many news articles and tools that will be very useful to you. Re-discover the TwoNav App, a new experience at your fingertips!

1 – Changes in interaction

Undoubtedly, the first thing that jumps out as soon as you download the new TwoNav App is the new aesthetic line, but it does not end there, we have improved the interaction so that you achieve a more agile and intuitive user experience. These are the changes:

  • Map window: By default, the map window will show you the ‘No navigation’ mode. This mode gives you a full screen view of the map, so you can work on it more comfortably. By clicking on any part of the map, the App will show you more functions. Press again to hide them.
  • Activity selection: When you get ready to start an activity, just click on the bottom bar and select which activity you want to do.
  • Navigation: Once the destination has been selected, navigation will start and with it, the map window will change to ‘In navigation’ mode. In addition to seeing the route on the map, this mode destination at any time. Pressing anywhere on the map to show more will allow you to show the data bar so that you can monitor your activity in real time, as well as pause, stop or choose other functions. Press again to hide these items.

For its part, the operation of the Pin mode remains the same. To open it, just make a long press on the map.

2 – Connection with the GO Cloud

If you are a TwoNav follower, perhaps you already know the GO Cloud, the free storage space for any TwoNav user. Now when you finish an activity, it will be saved and automatically uploaded to your personal space in the Cloud (‘Main menú > Settings > GO Cloud’). All your activities will be available in a safe and accessible place at any time.

In turn, any new activity in the GO Cloud will be synchronized on your smartphone, so you can navigate it with the TwoNav App (‘Main menú > Routes > More options > My online routes > GO cloud’).

Furthermore, if you use Land or a TwoNav GPS, you will have all your activities available and synchronized on the 3 platforms.

3 – Connection with third party services

Another of the great novelties of the TwoNav 5 App is the great connectivity with sports communities such as Strava, Komoot, TrainingPeaks, Suunto and external storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

If you have a personal account in one of these services, when you link it with the TwoNav App (through the GO Cloud), you will be able to see and download the routes you have planned in these online communities in the App (‘Main menú > Routes > More options> My online routes’).

At the same time, every time you finish an activity in the App, it will be uploaded and published automatically in the accounts that you have synchronized. This way you will avoid having to do it manually.

To use these services together with the TwoNav App, you must first link the accounts from

4 – Routes organized by folders

Until now, the routes of your App appear one after another in their respective lists, although these were distributed in subfolders within the internal memory of your smartphone. Now, with the new update, the activity lists are shown by folders as you have them organized in the internal memory of your device. Much easier and more orderly!

5 – Configurable graphics

When you analyze an activity as soon as it is finished, now you can choose what data you want to show on the vertical axis of the graph, thus you will achieve a more precise and detailed analysis (altitude, speed, pulse …).

Bonus: Android folder management changes

If you are an Android user and you have recently updated the TwoNav App and you have stopped seeing your maps, remember that you must move your maps from the ‘TwoNavData/Maps’ folder to the following folder:

  • App TwoNav Free: ‘Android/Data/com.compegps.twonav/files/TwoNavData/Maps’
  • App TwoNav Premium: ‘Android/Data/com.compegps.twonavfull/files/TwoNavData/Maps’

Once done, restart the App and you will see your maps. In case you cannot do it, contact TwoNav’s customer service for more help:


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