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Interview with Ismael Ventura, winner of the Catalunya Bike Race 2021

Ismael Ventura, TwoNav Ambassador
Picture: Catalunya Bike Race | Sportograf

We interview our ambassador, Ismael Ventura, winner of the Catalunya Bike Race 2021.

TN – How does it feel to win the general of the Catalunya Bike Race in the last stage? We kept the excitement until the end …

IV – From the first day I saw myself with options to win the general classification and I knew that I could do better every day in a stage test. It is always a surprise to win a race at the level of the Catalunya Bike Race, although deep down I thought I had options from the beginning. In addition, the test was carried out in an area that I know, so that also gives a plus of confidence.

Ismael Ventura, TwoNav Ambassador
Foto: Catalunya Bike Race | Sportograf

TN – How do you prepare to race in the rain?

IV – I am a runner who stands out more for technique than for physique. So the mud is not bad for me. But the truth is that I don’t like the rain. The worst thing is to start the stage raining, but once you are in and muddy you already enjoy the day to the fullest. The most complicated subject is the mechanics. It is very easy to have breakdowns and punctures, as it happened to me in the last stage. You have to know where it is not worth risking and be clear that taking care of the bike is a priority in a muddy stage. Also remember to drink and eat, since in the rain it is sometimes forgotten and ends up taking its toll.

TN – What does a champion think to keep up with the race for so many days?

IV – Luckily I already have a lot of experience in stage races. In the end you have to keep a global vision of the race. Just because one day you went bad does not mean that the whole race will go bad for you. In a stage race there is room to make up time and you have to be constant day by day.

Foto: Catalunya Bike Race | Sportograf

TN – Did the training sessions with your TwoNav GPS help you to prepare?

IV – A lot. Partly to be able to see areas of the stages the days before and when I was riding in areas that I did not know in the race. As they provide us with the track, you can always anticipate a little what it is observing on the TwoNav device.

TN – What would you say to TwoNav users who would like to follow in your footsteps?

IV – Enjoy riding your bike, that’s the main thing.