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KH7 team. First stage in the Titan Desert 2021

Pictures: Communication team KH-7

The first stage of the Titan Desert was somewhat bumpy for the KH7 team, led by Melcior Mauri and equipped with the TwoNav Cross and Trail 2 Bike GPS.

The Titans team has us used to victory, that’s true. However, not even the winner of the last four titans on Moroccan soil, Josep Betalú, could do anything in the face of a major breakdown that made him lose positions in the overall standings. The winner of the stage was Konny Looser, a Swiss cyclist who made his debut in this race in a big way.

According to a KH7 team interview with Melcior Mauri, he commented:

“It was quite a difficult stage for the whole peloton and especially for us because of the breakdowns. Josep Betalú, our leader, has had a major breakdown and that has meant that he has really lost many options for the general classification. Personally, I have also suffered a major breakdown and we have had to stop several times to repair. Josep Betalú himself has told Miguel Muñoz, his partner, to go forward, since the breakdown has weighed down on him and he has even had to remove brake pads. Miguel has been able to go back to finish the stage in the top ten. And Abraham Olano has entered 17th position. In this sense we have to be calm ”.

As for the women, Núria Picas was the first of the team to cross the finish line. He did it together with his coach and partner Pau Bartoló, who compete in the mixed duo category.

Today, Monday, the queen stage is held, which will lead the cyclists to Ait Yahya, 130 kilometers and 2,600 meters of unevenness. A very demanding stage. Will we see the KH7 team on the podium again? From TwoNav we trust that it is!


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