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Triplet for the KH7 team. Stages 2 and 3 of the Titan Desert 2021

Pictures: Communication team KH-7

We continue with the chronicles of the Titan Desert thanks to the great communication team of KH7

Second stage of the Titan Desert

The longest stage has arrived, the one with the greatest unevenness. The KH7 team managed to recover after an opening day marked by the breakdowns suffered. We knew they would come back!

At this stage, Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló won first place in a mixed duo, beating Misha Sekulova and the double world champion, Tomi Misser. Nine minutes marked the difference with the seconds to reach the finish line, quite an achievement for the KH7 team.

As reported by KH7 in its press release, Pau Bartoló pointed out:

“This really is the toughest Titan stage. I had never made such a long port. We have climbed up to 2,500 meters ”, said Pau. “We have been climbing for more than an hour and a half and also in height. Very hard, but we have succeeded ”; pointed out. Núria commented something very similar: “The second port has become a ball. A lot of stone, a lot of unevenness … it’s a very tough edition. One of the toughest in the history of the Titan ”, declared reaching the finish line.

Also highlight the recovery of the men’s team, led by Josep Betalú.

Third stage of the Titan Desert

Yesterday Tuesday the third stage was held. During the first marathon stage, the participants had to be equipped with all the necessary equipment to spend the night without assistance. Josep Betalú added his first victory of this 2021 edition, removing that thorn that had been nailed since the start of the race. As he told KH7:

“It’s complicated when a situation like this happens to you,” said Josep Betalú, “and above all, you know that you have a very, very strong team. It has already been seen how we are working and that we have few options in the general classification. We are going to continue like this because it is our strategy and here you do not win by going to the wheel. You have to hit it hard, be positive and keep moving forward ”.

Betalú, who was positioned in the peloton for the first 60 km, turned in the last third of the stage. It was when the four-time Titan Desert winner sailed and managed to cut back to a two-and-a-half minute lead over the peloton.

“I am very happy because second was Óscar Carrasco, who had spectacular legs and third, Miguel Muñoz, who has shown that he is very strong. We were going to win, but on the Titan it is very difficult ”, he commented for KH7.

Those who follow at the highest level are Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló and the first three classified in the general: Ramona Gabriel, Ariadna Ródenas and Sílvia Roura.

It should be noted that the 27 members of KH7 have reached the goal of this third stage.


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