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Miguel Muñoz, KH7 team, winner of the fourth stage of the Titan Desert

Four stages, four different winners. Miguel Muñoz, KH7 team cyclist, has won this fourth stage alone, surely the longest stage.

Towards the middle of the race the peloton broke down. Josep Betalú, Konny Looser and Miguel Muñoz took the lead, gaining a two and a half minute lead although the pursuers managed to catch them close to the goal.

According to KH7, they took a good sailing strategy that made Muñoz and Sylvain Chavanel cut the lead with Zubero, who had positioned himself in the lead. Miguel Muñoz advanced positions to first place, followed by Josep Betalú who got a deserved second place.

As for the mixed duo, it was not their day. A mechanical breakdown left Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló with a significant loss of time in the face of leading their classification.

As both commented to KH7 “When you give it your all, you can’t help but be satisfied. It was a really tough stage and the heat didn’t help. We started very well, but we had some mechanical problems that caused us to lose distance with the group in front. And to try to recover we have made a series of errors that have slowed us down. We have lost the leadership, but we are here, which is the most important thing. But this is the Titan and a lot can happen here ”.

Today is the fifth stage, which will take the runners to a 4km dune pass, the cyclists do not have the track and there is no signposting on the route. Will they manage to reach the podium again


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