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Discover what’s new in Land 9

This is a major version change (from 8 to 9), so the Land 8 license is not valid to activate Land 9. 

Land 9 can be purchased in license format with no time limit, as always, but it also incorporates two subscription modes so that each user can choose the formula that most interests them. In this link you can find the details of the new subscription model.

Land 9.0 list of changes

Aesthetic improvements: The design has been updated in different areas, such as the button bars, the data tree or the installer.

Menu layout adjustments: The main menu has been simplified, reducing the number of sections and relocating some functions. The main changes:

  • The ‘Devices’ menu disappears. This menu was causing confusion, and has been integrated into ‘Tools > Connect’
  • The ‘Navigation’ menu has been integrated into ‘Tools > Navigation’
  • The ‘Online’ menu has been integrated into ‘Tools’
  • The ‘Lists’ menu has been integrated into ‘Window > Lists’
  • Some user access management options have been moved in the button bar

Tracks with variants: Now a track can have different variants, so that different alternatives can be prepared for a route. For example, you can plan a shortcut, or an optional visit to a point of interest.

Tracks con variantes Land 9

Note: A TwoNav version compatible with forks will be available soon.

Improvements in vector map editing: The editing of vector maps has been revised, improving its reliability and adding new functions (font options, display name in polygons, grouping objects by layer…).

Calendar: New Calendar window, which shows the activities, routes and waypoints according to their creation date. Not available yet in the Mac version.

Calendario actividades en Land 9

Maps Plus: New online maps, from a private server with a high level of reliability and speed. Each map offers a different layout of the OSM data to highlight relevant data. For example, the hiking map highlights the official hiking trails, the cycling map highlights special bike paths, and the high contrast map offers better visibility of the most important elements.

Mapas Plus en Land 9

Note: Premium or Pro subscription is required to access Plus maps.

Multipoint distance measurement: Now the distance meter can have more than 2 points to be able to make more complex and flexible measurements. In addition, you can move the created points, delete them, or even create a freehand line.

Medidor de distancia en Land 9

Accumulated data in virtual folders of activities: Distance and accumulated ascent data are incorporated.

Datos acumulados en carpetas

Improvements in creating videos with photos: Some details of video recording have been improved, especially when recording while playing a track with photos. In addition, the “Create track from photos” function has been added, which, given a folder of photos, creates a track between them, so that the video with the photos can be played and recorded.

New ‘Air’ Mode: Land9 incorporates a ‘Product Mode’ option, which allows it to be put into ‘Air’ mode, adjusting some details of Land for use in air sports.

Improved track arrow display: The track directional arrow system has been revised to make it stand out more.

Unregister device: With the new subscription system, up to 5 devices (on any platform) can be activated. With the Land9 license (one time payment), they are 3 devices.
If all activations are occupied, the user can release some using Land’s ‘Log out’ function (user menu > Disconnect)

Liberación de dispositivos en Land 9

Improvements in GO Cloud: Synchronization with GO in Basic mode has been enabled, and a tool to control the occupied and available size has been added.

  • Custom Icon selection: The custom icon selection system for WPT and MPV has been improved. Now If the ‘Select another bitmap’ option is used, and the icon is in the same folder as the WPT/MPV, the relative path will be saved. That is, if the WPT/MPV is opened on another device (e.g. TwoNav device), the correct icon will be used. To do this, it will be necessary to copy the icons to the destination next to the WPT/MPV file (e.g. Data folder).
    This will also work if the icons are in a subfolder (e.g. Data/icons)

Main problems solved:

  • Problem opening ECW maps (e.g. those of CNIG)
  • Cases of Drawing Error Detected
  • The Departure Altitude and Arrival Altitude properties do not work on TRK tracks.
  • The cursor keys on the keyboard do not work.
  • When creating a track point very close to the previous one, it is created at the beginning.
  • Sending a file to a connected device does not preserve the subfolder.

Minor Improvements: There are a whole host of other less noticeable improvements that will help improve the user experience.

Land 9 In detail

We explain a little more about some of the news.

Tracks with variants

Until now, the tracks were a single path from start to finish. With Land9, the concept of variants is introduced, so that a track can have different alternatives for the path to follow.

That is, for a single track, we will have several variants. For example, the long way and the short way, or an optional visit to a point of interest.

To create a variant:

  1. Open the track editor, with the track to which you want to add variants
  2. Right click on the point where you want to start a deviation    
Track con variantes en Land 9

3. Create the variant track segment, using the usual editor tools

4. Close the track editor

Tracks con variantes con Land 9, cerrar edición

Once a track with variants has been created, it is possible to select which variant is active.

Una vez creado un track con variantes, se puede seleccionar cual es la variante activa.

This can be done in different ways. Basically:

  • Double click on the Deviation icon in the tree or on the map
  • Double click on the inactive variant in the tree or on the map

From the data tree, or from the properties of the variant, we can consult its data. In addition, from the properties of the variant you can change elements such as the color, or add a description, so that it is easier to identify it (e.g. short path, difficult path…).

Datos track variantes

Note: A version of TwoNav (App and GPS Devices) which can use tracks with variants will be available soon. 

Improvements on vector map edition

Editing vector maps has been revised, correcting errors and adding new features.

  • Show the name of the polygons on the map (previously only points and polylines were shown)
Mejoras en mapas vectoriales

New font properties for element labels. Now you can select the size, color and background of the names of the elements on the map.

Also, it is possible to adjust the zoom level to show or hide the elements, independently for the element and its label. For example, when zooming out, the label can be hidden first and the object later.

These Font properties can be adjusted at both the layer level and the individual object level.

Mejoras mapas vectoriales, cambios de color
  • You can select whether to show or hide the name for each object. Before only per layer.
  • The number of labels displayed will automatically adjust to avoid overlapping.
  • Individual objects are displayed in the data tree grouped by layer.
Los objetos individuales en mapas vectoriales
  • Fixed icon selection issues per object and layer. And it is also possible to use custom icons with the ‘Select another bitmap’ option.

Note: To be able to edit the properties of vector layers and objects, you must open the vector map editor (right click > Edit > Edit vector map).


Land has a new calendar view that will show the different elements (activities, routes, waypoints) according to their creation date. This will make it easier to find them.

Calendario en Land 9

If you double-click on an element, it will open and be centered on the map.

The activities show an icon for the sport, and the Distance. If a day has several activities, the value of your accumulated distance will be displayed, and the background will be darker the greater the distance for that day.

Calendarización de actividades en Land 9

In the calendar we can see the accumulated distance for each week, and also by month. 

By right clicking we can select if we want to deactivate the accumulated by week and month,

Calendario actividades extendido

Y también podemos activar o desactivar el modo extendido, para ver solo un

And we can also activate or deactivate the extended mode, to see only one month, or several.

Land 9 lands in the form of a subscription, with additional services such as more space in the GO Cloud or Plus Maps, which improve accuracy even more. From now on, you decide what products you want until when you want them.