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TwoNav Subscription Plans: Everything you need to know

TwoNav adapts to the times and, together with the launch of Land 9, we launched a new subscription model designed with you in mind. From now on, you will decide for which products you want to pay and for how long.

The subscription model is the order of the day thanks to how easy it is to contract and cancel. TwoNav could not be less and presents several plans with the most powerful tools of its powerful Ecosystem.

Land 9 (software to plan and analyze outdoor routes)

Maps Plus (high quality and accurate maps)

GO Cloud (virtual space where to store routes)

Thus, the same subscription gives you access to multiple products without having to purchase them separately as before, you just have to decide which plan best suits your needs.

To do so, we offer you a 30-day FREE TRIAL of PRO. You yourself can test the potential of a PRO subscription free of charge and without obligation. After the free trial is over, choose which subscription is best for you. You can cancel or upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

Why are you interested in a TwoNav subscription?

A cheaper price

Pay only for the tools you actually use. Select the plan that best suits you: Premium (€29.99) or Pro (€59.99). Avoid overpaying and experience more for less.

Automatic renewal, no worries

The renewal of any subscription is automatic, you do not have to do anything, TwoNav will notify you of the renewal automatically every year.

Maximum portability for you

Until now, you could only use Land on 3 devices. Now, you will be able to use Land, and the other tools of your subscription plan, on up to 5 devices: PC, Smartphone and GPS. One subscription, usable on up to 5 devices!

Land 9, only available via subscription

Together with the subscription plans, TwoNav launches the new version of its software to create, edit and analyze outdoor routes. If you want to be up to date and try Land 9, don’t hesitate, choose your subscription plan now.

Regular updates

By subscribing, you acquire software that is constantly being updated and improved. You will receive constant updates throughout the year at no additional cost to you. In addition, little by little, more TwoNav Ecosystem tools will be added to the different subscription plans.

Do you have more questions? We are by your side
We can help you, you just have to contact TwoNav Customer Service.