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Solve your doubts before switching to a TwoNav Subscription Plan

Which subscription plan is best for my needs?

It is a very common question. To find out exactly which subscription plan is the most suitable for you, we advise you to take advantage of the 30-day free trial of PRO (the plan that contains all the available functions). Use these 30 days to fully test the included products (Land, GO Cloud, Maps Plus…).

As you use them, you will find out for yourself which features are essential for you. From that moment on, we recommend compare the different subscription plans and locate the tools you use the most. You will quickly know what your plan is.

What should I do after my PRO free trial ends?

Your free PRO trial lasts for 30 days. Once exhausted, you will automatically switch to using BASIC at no cost to you. At that point you must decide whether to continue using the most basic functions, or if, on the contrary, you want to continue using the advanced functions offered by the subscription plans. You decide which plan interests you the most according to the tools you need for your sports activity.

On how many devices can I use my subscription?

You can use the same subscription up to 5 times on the same type of device or on different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, GPS …). From the TwoNav client area you will be able to see on which devices you have activated your subscription. If you want to use your subscription on a sixth device, you will need to release a device in use. That is, you will first need to log out of one device and then log in on the sixth device.

I would like to change to another subscription plan, should I cancel my current subscription?

At any time you can change your subscription plan and choose a higher plan with more features. To do this, you should not wait for the renewal date of your current subscription or cancel it, you can do it directly from the area of TwoNav client. Your plan will be updated immediately and you will receive a refund of the prorated amount of your new plan for the remainder of the subscription year. Your plan renewal date will remain the same.

If, on the other hand, you wish to upgrade your subscription to a lower plan, you must cancel your current plan and subscribe to the new one. This will apply from the moment your previous plan has expired.

Once my subscription is canceled, can I reactivate it?

Sure, you can do it. Once canceled, you will have to wait for your current subscription to expire, and thus stop providing service and become inactive. From the TwoNav client area you will be able to know the exact date. From that moment on, you can reacquire the same subscription plan you already had, or upgrade to a higher one.

Is there any alternative to subscription plans?

The subscription plans are designed to offer an optimal relationship between features/price according to the user’s needs. Your payment is made annually. Despite this, there are users who prefer to continue with the traditional one-time license model with no annual fees.  

Do you have more questions? We are by your side
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