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Land: Download free Itineraries and Maps

Land offers you the possibility to download tracks and maps from all over the world for free.

Find the route you are looking for

Access free tracks from users who have already visited the area you wanna vist. Zoom in the map window to the area you want to visit and click ‘Data Tree> On-line Files‘. Choose the provider and double click on any suggested track. If you are not convinced by the itinerary, open another track or… edit the route yourself!

Do you use any of these services?

If you have a personal account in a storage Cloud, log in and download your itineraries directly from Land. Select ‘Data Tree> Online Files‘ and choose your service. Once you finish editing your next outing, remember to upload the track to your cloud!

Download thousands of maps

Zoom in the map window at the area you want to visit and press ‘Data tree> On-line files> On-line maps > World or Countries’ and download your map. So simple!

Do you need more maps?

If you owe a TwoNav paid subscription plan, click on ‘Data tree > On-line files> On-line maps > Maps Plus‘ and you will access an exclusive online server with even more precise and high-quality maps.

Can’t find your map?

If you cannot find the map you are looking for, visit our website, +30,000 maps are waiting for you

Need help? We are here to help!


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