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Land: Get the most out of your Maps

Now that you know how to download maps, here you have 4 tips that will be very useful while planning your next adventure.

Measure the distance between two points

 In the toolbar, click ‘Distance measurement’. On the map, select a starting point and then another point. If you don’t set the second point, Land will show you the distance between the starting point and the current mouse position.

Overlay information from multiple maps

Land allows you to load more than one map of the same area at the same time. Overlay the information from both maps and regulate the degree of transparency. In the main menu, click ‘View > Transparency’.

Cut out a piece of the map

If you have a map that is too large, you can cut it out and keep the area that you really need. In the toolbar click ‘Selection mode’ and select the portion of the map you want to cut out. Land will export that piece of map into a separate file.

Merge multiple maps

Open the maps you want to want to join and set the scale to 100%. In the main menu click ‘Maps > Merge maps’. Land will merge your maps and generate a single file. Much easier to handle.

Some of these features may not be available on your current subscription plan. To use them, upgrade your plan to a higher one. You can cancel it at any time.

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