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‘Maps Plus’: Download high-quality maps from around the world with LAND 9

One of the main news of LAND 9 is the function ‘Maps Plus’. Many of you still have questions about what the ‘Maps Plus’ are, how to access them and what maps are included.

What is ‘Maps Plus’?

‘Maps Plus’ is a feature of LAND 9 (not available in LAND 8 or LAND 7) that gives you access to an online server with exclusive maps from around the world with a high level of reliability and speed. These maps cannot be purchased on the TwoNav website, they are only available through LAND 9.

The maps use OpenStreetMap sources, each map offers a different view of those same sources, highlighting only the most important data for each sport. In this way you will have specific maps for the activity you are going to carry out. For example:

  • Hiking map: Highlights the official trails for hikers (GR, PR, SL…).
  • Cycling map: Highlights the special routes for that medium.
  • High contrast map: Offers better visibility of the most important elements.

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How to access the maps?

‘Maps Plus’ It is a function available exclusively for TwoNav Subscription Plans, it is not available for the product ‘License LAND 9’. In this way, if you want to try ‘Maps Plus’ you must buy a ‘PREMIUM‘ or ‘PROsubscription. Choose the subscription that best suits your needs and price, you can cancel it at any time whenever you want.

Do you want to try ‘Maps Plus’ without buying a subscription? If you haven’t used LAND 9 yet, download it and activate the FREE PRO TRIAL TEST, you will have free access to ‘Maps Plus’ for 30 days. Use those days to experience the potential that this exclusive map catalog offers you. After the 30-day free trial, continue using ‘Mapas Plus’ by subscribing to a TwoNav plan.

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How do ‘Maps Plus’ work?

Very easy, we show you how:

1. Click on ‘Data tree > On-line files > Maps Plus’.

2. A list of available maps for your area will then open.

3. Select the map that best suits the activity you are going to do. Download it by double clicking.

4. Once downloaded, the map will be available in ‘Data tree > Open files‘ and you can start working with it as you do with the rest of the maps.

These maps are only accessible in LAND, if you want to use them in your TwoNav GPS, you must cut out the part of the map in which you are interested and generate a map file that you must transfer to your device.

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Do you have more questions? We are by your side!

You just have to contact the TwoNav Customer Service, they will answer your questions. That easy!