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Trail 2 Bike and Cross, both GPS compete in the Titan Desert

Both TwoNav GPS are ideal for a competition as demanding as the Titan Desert, but… Why choose one GPS or the other?

Device size

The big difference between the 2 GPS with the naked eye is the size of each device, Trail 2 Bike has a larger screen which allows you to view the routes with greater perspective, while Cross is a smaller and more manageable GPS that fits in any pocket. .

Do you value the size of the screen more or the manageability of the device?

Dimensions: 80 x 131 x 24mm with QuickLock
Weight: 220 gr
Screen dimensions: 3.7 ’’

Dimensions: 63 x 110 x 25mm with QuickLock
Weight: 172 gr
Screen dimensions: 3.2 ’’

Button panel on the GPS

Another big difference is that although both GPS have a touch screen, Trail 2 Bike has 4 large buttons on the front plus the sides, the front Cross buttons are tactile, plus 4 side buttons. If you wear gloves during your activity, you may appreciate a wide front button panel, easier to tighten on a bike, in favor of tactile ones. Do you appreciate the touch of the buttons, or on the contrary, your thing is to be 100% tactile?

Sound and indications on the GPS

Trail 2 Bike has a built-in speaker, so it can deliver voice instructions in case of OnRoad routes or if you create your own RoadBook. While Cross only incorporates a buzzer to emit sounds but not voice, so when you reach your destination or if you leave your route it will emit a beep to warn you, but it will not indicate instructions with voice.


Both GPS are connected through the WIFI network so you can update your GPS or transfer files without the need for cables. But unlike the Cross, the Trail 2 Bike also has a GPRS connection, which will allow you to activate SeeMe (our live broadcast system and send emergency signals) directly through GPS, without using your mobile. In Cross you must do it through your smartphone and our LINK APP.

What do both devices have in common?

So far we have seen the differences between Trail 2 Bike and Cross, but they also coincide in…. that make our GPS the best option to face challenges and adventures like the Titan Desert 2021.


Both GPS have an integrated battery with more than 20 hours of autonomy, so you can enjoy your adventures for several days without worrying about the battery.

Quicklock bracket

Thanks to the Quicklock mount that they have built into the back, you can attach your GPS to different accessories for both cycling and hiking, which will make your activity more comfortable.

MIL-STD-810 Certification

All of our GPS meet the MIL-STD-810 standard for temperature, shock, water and vibration proof, making them ideal for extreme activities.

Which one do you choose?


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