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TwoNav ecosystem stages

Live a complete and safe experience, from start to finish, thanks to the TwoNav ecosystem.

What is the TwoNav ecosystem?

TwoNav are not just GPS. Is much more. Driven by the passion for adventures, discovering what nature gives us and our desire to face risk, at TwoNav we develop connected products within an ecosystem. This sets us apart as a brand. That range of products, software, services is the ecosystem.

Discover these connections and live a complete and safe outdoor experience.

Stages of the TwoNav ecosystem


Before your departure, it is important that you prepare your route well. That is why TwoNav offers you the best software on the market, LAND.

This software will help you edit your tracks, prepare your routes and view several maps at the same time. You will also be able to analyze your itineraries with the maximum detail and relive the stages of your activities, to analyze them.

Choose the map you prefer and go on an adventure! Remember that there are tutorials on our blog and youtube to get the most out of LAND.

software TwoNav LAND


Once you have your route planned with LAND, pair your GPS with our Link App via Bluetooth to synchronize activities, receive messages via WhatsApp, etc.

With our blog tutorials you can easily link them.

Download, for free, the APP Link through this link

Navigate safely with our TwoNav GPS. High-quality GPS for hiking, biking, mountain biking, trail running, and air sports. Our GPS comes equipped with the best navigation software on the market and the most detailed maps.

TwoNav GPS


Tap to zoom in on your map and find alternative paths. Mark as many waypoints as you need and enjoy the way you discover. #FreedomToDiscover


With SeeMe, TwoNav’s exclusive service, you can broadcast your position in real time wherever you are and guarantee your safety and the peace of mind of your family and friends.


Discover GO, the virtual storage system in the TwoNav Cloud.
Synchronize your activities on all your devices without the need for cables from anywhere in the world.

Synchronize your last activity with the GO Cloud. Have tracks stored in a safe and reliable place.

Go cloud TwoNav