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How does a cyclist prepare for an MTB race?

How do professionals prepare for a Mountain Bike – MTB race? It is a question that many of us have always asked ourselves.

Last year we discovered how the Titan Desert KH7 team, led by Melcior Mauri, highlighted the importance of preparing your route with our Land 9 software and the use of a GPS navigator.

Let’s now see fundamental physical, nutritional and mental aspects with which professional athletes achieve their goals.

Preparation. The key

If you have considered running a multi-kilometre MTB race, you will need good prior preparation to be able to arrive in optimal physical shape.

Preparation will allow you to meet your goals and cross the finish line. In addition, with a perfect planning of the route, you will make the most of all your effort. We are going to see the different parts that you should deepen in your workouts.

How to prepare the physical part before an MTB race?

Time on the bike is very important for preparation, but working out in the gym helps athletes improve their abilities, especially if they are preparing for an MTB race. Let’s not forget, of course, a good rest to regain strength.

Training typically consists of lunges, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, glute bridge workouts, or box jumps. The ideal is to have a good personal trainer or expert to help teams or cyclists prepare for their race.

Feeding. a great ally

Choosing the perfect diet, and following it properly, can be tricky. There is a lot of data, types of carbohydrates, calcium, glucose…

Two weeks before the race, focus on increasing fluid and carbohydrates in the body. Foods such as rice, bread and pasta, along with chicken, will occupy part of the diet. Carbohydrates should be whole grains, since they are richer in fiber, something essential for our intestines. Let’s not forget legumes, always in moderate amounts.

A week before the race, meat, fish and dairy products are usually added. Protein intake promotes better absorption of carbohydrates. During this week, professionals also increase fruit intake.

On the day of the race, athletes have breakfast at least two hours beforehand to complete digestion. They continue with the intake of carbohydrates, for example they usually opt for a bowl of white rice with vegetables, a couple of pieces of fruit and a tea.

Healthy mind in healthy body

Great professionals are confident in their preparation. They know that they will be able to overcome the obstacles of the race. They are psyched up for victory. Focusing on your goals is always a wise and motivating option.

Pros create a mental strategy that helps them prepare you for the demands of their weakest discipline, this gives them more consistency in the race.

Therefore, a positive mindset and having your goals clear can be key when the race gets complicated and pain comes into play.


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