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European Day of Parks

European Day of Parks commemorates the first European National Parks announced in Sweden on May 24. The Federation of Natural and National Parks of Europe (EUROPARC) brings together nearly 400 members from 36 states and this year celebrates this anniversary with the slogan “Parks: The Next Generation”. In Catalonia, for example, there are about twenty natural parks and more than 184 areas grouped according to different protection numbers. Together they represent 30% of the country’s territory.

In addition, on this day also starts the Nature Week, which closes with World Environment Day (June 5) and has been organized since 2017 by the Network for the Conservation of Nature.

Protection of Natural Parks. Actions we can all do

  1. Find out all the essential information about the Park or Reserve and, of course, the safety recommendations.
  2. Avoid making fire. If you have to, respect the places set up for it.
  3. Smoke only in permitted places. Remember that cigarette butts are not biodegradable in addition to concentrating countless toxic substances.
  4. Camp only in designated areas.
  5. Remember, you are at home of many animals. Don’t alter their life, don’t yell, don’t bother them. Nor is it advisable to feed them, think that this alters their natural behavior and can be harmful depending on the food you provide them.
  6. Respect the flora of the Park.
  7. Do not use detergents of any kind in the rivers or lakes that you may find along the way.
  8. Collect your waste and all those you may find along the way. This very valuable gesture for the environment is known as “ploggin“.