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This summer live the TwoNav experience

What is the TwoNav experience? Our ecosystem will allow you to enjoy your outings from the moment of planning until the end of your adventure. How do you get started?

Global coverage maps

Create and customize your maps. Choose your destination and we will provide you with the most suitable map. At TwoNav we have a wide catalog of topographic maps, road maps, 3D maps, etc. Choose from the wide variety of maps of Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and many more countries from the main publishers: IGN, Alpina, Piolet, SUA, TomTom …

With everything ready, you don’t know which destination to choose? Discover some recommendations by entering the menu of the blog «Destinations». It may inspire you to choose your adventure.

Start designing your route with LAND

LAND is our software developed to plan, create and edit tracks quickly and intuitively on quality maps. The routes created or downloaded from Wikiloc (or other online providers) are automatically synchronized with the GO Cloud, allowing them to be viewed via the web at any time and place. LAND is compatible with TwoNav devices (as well as devices from other brands such as Garmin or Suunto) to which you can send routes via Wi-Fi.

With LAND you can transfer waypoints and routes directly to any compatible GPS device such as TwoNav, Garmin, Suunto and more. Open and work with several maps at the same time, view your routes and waypoints in both 2D and 3D environments. Discover the precision of LAND, select the element you want to analyze and LAND will offer you the data you were looking for.

What better way to get to know LAND than to try all of its features yourself? Remember that you can consult the tutorials both in manual format and the mini-tuts on our YouTube channel. Download LAND for free here.

Choose your GPS

TwoNav GPS devices are designed for any outdoor activity. We have a range of high-quality GPS devices for hiking, biking, mountain biking, trail running, and air sports. Our GPS comes equipped with the best navigation software on the market and the most detailed maps. Choose your GPS and let it guide your inner athlete. Enjoy new adventures with TwoNav GPS.

Enjoy the mountains with the experience and safety of a TwoNav GPS: orientation, precision and reliability.

Whether you are a hiker, cyclist, you like mountaineering or any risky outdoor sport, you can use our GPS equipment. Below you will find a link so that you can use the comparator for a better choice of your device.

Broadcast Live with SeeMe

TwoNav’s exclusive service to relay to contacts, and in real time, all the navigation data and thus be able to monitor it: position, cardio, performance … In addition, SeeMe also allows you to send emergency notifications directly from the GPS device and without the need for mobile.

The exclusive TwoNav service with which you will be able to broadcast your exact position in real time to monitor your routes, maintain your safety and guarantee peace of mind for your family members.

Therefore, we download from e: real-time broadcasting, emergency alerts and easily adding your contacts.

And when you finish your route, synchronize the summary of your route with GO, your storage space in the cloud where your activities are synchronized and saved so that they are available in LAND, TwoNav GPS, TwoNav App and App Link without the need for cables. Access them from anywhere in the world via the web and analyze the data or share your experience. Do you want to know more about the GO Cloud? Just click here.


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