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New TomTom and OpenStreetMap update for this Summer

Are you preparing your vacations and you still do not have maps for the area you are going to visit? Don’t worry, a new TomTom and OpenStreetMap update is on time!

TomTom, synonymous of quality and precision

TomTom is one of the largest and most reputable satellite navigation providers in the world… and also a world leader in road maps.

We have updated all the maps of Europe, and also Morocco. The update includes everything you need to prepare for your holidays: new roads, new signs, updated speed limits …

View TomTom Maps

Additionally, remember you can use your TomTom map both in your TwoNav GPS, in the TwoNav App and in Land. A single map license for 3 devices.

Do you already have a TomTom map? Upgrade for only 9 €

If you already have a TomTom map of Europe, now you can update it to the new version “21Q2” at a small price. What are you waiting for?

Update my TomTom Map

Or if you prefer a cheaper alternative … OpenStreetMap

Why use OpenStreetMap maps? Basically for two reasons.

The first are hybrid maps, that is, they contain information on urban centers (such as a road map) and terrain relief (such as topographic maps). With the same map you can navigate inside the city and you can also use it in the mountains while hiking, MTB or other activity.

Second, OpenStreetMap maps are a very inexpensive option compared to other high-quality road maps like TomTom. OpenStreetMap maps are generated by the OpenStreetMap community, in this way, they are always up to date.

View OpenStreetMap Maps

Do you already have an OpenStreetMap map? Update it for free

Also, if you already have an OpenStreetMap map of Europe, now you can update it for free to the new version “21Q2”. To do so, you just have to access your account area and select ‘Maps> OpenStreetMap’.

Update my OpenStreetMap

By clicking ‘Install’ you will be downloading the new version “21Q2”.