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New topographic maps of Italy ‘Il Lupo’

Good news, a few weeks ago we welcomed the Italian publisher “Monti Editore“, TwoNav continues to increase the collection of topographic maps of Italy, this time with the help of “Il Lupo“, a new publisher that focuses its efforts on the cartography of the central Apennines.

See maps of Il Lupo

Editorial Il Lupo: What should I know?

Since 1993, Il Lupo has been publishing hiking guides and maps (paper and digital) of the Italian Apennines. Over the years, Il Lupo’s maps and guides have come to cover larger and larger areas of central Italy; The first publication was a mountain bike route guide for Abruzzo, and since then the commitment has been to contribute to the development of non-invasive and sustainable mountain tourism.

Il Lupo maps stand out for the meticulousness with which they describe areas of great interest. These topographic maps include varied and precise information such as contour lines, passable roads (from highways to roads), points of interest, towns, cities, natural parks … all at 1: 25,000 scale and with maximum resolution. To obtain a greater degree of reality, use the 3D function to visualize these maps in three dimensions.

By when a complete topographic map of Italy?

If you have ever tried to download maps of Italy from our website, you will have noticed that, unfortunately, TwoNav does not have a complete map of the country as it does with other countries (France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland …). This fact is due to the fact that these maps are the property of the governments of each country, in this case, the Italian government does not give official sources so that we can offer you maps. In this way, TwoNav, and the other companies, depend on small catographic publishers, of a private nature, which meticulously create their own maps of the country.

If you want to visit other areas of Italy, we currently offer you the following publishers:

4Land – Dolomites
Fraternali – Piedmont + Valle d’Aosta
Tappeiner – North Italy
Monti Editore – Northern Apennines
Il Lupo – Central Apennines

We continue working to increase the maps of Italy. Arrivederci!




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