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New Horizons: Discover Finland with TwoNav

If you have been thinking of doing a different trip for a long time, now is the time. We have recently updated the Finland maps in our collection.

We propose a destination that, for sure, it has crossed your mind, but you have never seriously considered: The best place in Europe to observe the northern lights, more forests and water than anywhere else on the continent, the midnight sun

Where do I begin?

We recommend visiting, the official Finnish tourist guide. Once you are clear about the places you want to visit, use Land to download routes recommended by other visitors. There are thousands of proposals. Remember that with Land you can create your own itineraries, or even lengthen or shorten the routes of other fans. Let yourself be advised by other fans like you.

Which map is right for me?

TwoNav provides you with 2 maps that cover all of Finland. They are quality maps with the guarantee of the Finnish government (Maanmittauslaitos Suomi).

If hiking and trekking is your thing, we recommend choosing the most detailed map, Finland Topo 1: 20,000, so you will have more control of the paths, alternative routes and terrain relief.

By the way, if you also need the road map of Finland, we recommend you download TomTom Finland (in addition to Finland, it includes all of Scandinavia).

Do you already have a map of Finland? Update it for free

In addition, if you already have a topographic map of Finland, now you can update it for free to the new version “2021”. To do so, you just have to access your client area and select ‘Maps> Finland Topo’.

Update my Finland Map

By clicking ‘Install’ you will be downloading the new version “2021”.