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How does TwoNav Land improve your routes?

We already discovered, in the previous post, «What is TwoNav Land?«. This time we are going to focus on the advantages for any user.

How does Land improve your routes?

With TwoNav Land you can download routes from all over the world for free.

You have a whole world to discover, you just have to choose the map of the route you want to plan and enjoy your adventures safely.

You can also create your own routes from scratch. You decide where to go or what to visit thanks to the editing and creation of your tracks.

On the other hand, you will also be able to mark waypoints in the most outstanding places of your routes. Personalize them with icons, descriptions and all kinds of information relevant to your adventure. Remember that you have all kinds of tutorials, both on this blog and on our YouTube channel through the “mini tuts”, which are video tutorials that are less than a minute long.

Another possibility that Land will give you is to save your activities in the virtual cloud GO Cloud. You can access the history of all your activities from anywhere.

Finally, we highlight the option to analyze your outings with relevant data, such as distance, altitude, ascent, difference in level or effort.

Everything at your fingertips to plan and edit your outdoor getaways. Enjoy, alone or with your family, a programmed and safe route, equipped with your favorite TwoNav GPS and making the most of the ecosystem of products and services that you will have at your disposal.

Today the Land is the best tool for the treatment and generation of tracks, since it allows you to design routes from the cartographic viewers that are loaded and others that can be added if necessary: ​​topo and ortho IGN, mainly being very useful. The cadastre viewer is also useful to know the public or private ownership of the sections of an itinerary to be designed and act accordingly.

On the other hand, Land allows the correction of generated tracks to be able to present them in a reliable and clean way, both in its layout and in the complementary data it offers regarding distance, unevenness, etc.

As Senderos FEDME Technicians, for us it is an essential tool for the work we do.

Madrid Federation of Mountaineering

Land Tutorials. Mini-tuts

We’ve seen how Land improves your routes. Its learning is simple, you just have to access the advice that you will find in our support section, or by accessing tutorials and mini-tuts.