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What is TwoNav Land?

Do you want to have the security of a mountain guide while practicing your favorite outdoor sport? If you answered “yes”, we invite you to discover what TwoNav Land is.

Prepare your routes with TwoNav Land

Whether you are an amateur or an expert hiker, you surely know that both foresight and safety in the mountains are two matters of vital importance.

Edit your tracks, create waypoints or download maps to better prepare for your trip to the mountains, whether on foot, by bike or by motor. Thanks to the precision of Land and our maps, you will be able to plan your adventures in a totally safe way.

Also, with Land you can transfer your waypoints and routes directly to any compatible GPS device, such as TwoNav, Garmin, Suunto, etc.

Land for hikers and mountain guides

Just as you prepare the material that you will carry in your backpack or consult the weather forecast before leaving the route, it is important to analyze each section of your adventure. If you know the distances in advance and visualize altitudes in 3D, it will help you to optimize your resources in the mountains and will ensure that your trip is a success.

According to our Basque ambassador, Denís Saiz:

“Every adventure begins with a ‘I do’. But when we talk about mountains, not only a quick answer is enough. We must prepare a preliminary planning phase and even a subsequent review and analysis phase to enjoy a comfortable and safe exit.

Luckily I have the great help of Land software. TwoNav has a very extensive catalog of high-quality maps, which is why in the program I find all the necessary editing tools to easily create and/or adapt any route on the map, for my needs and enjoyment, with complete security.

And once the adventure is done, I can review the route and analyze my performance in detail thanks to the easy-to-read graphs and statistics

For this reason, at TwoNav, we offer you Land, the most advanced software on the market for editing tracks, preparing routes and viewing several maps simultaneously.

Land is the software most trusted by guides and mountain professionals. They cannot hesitate at a poorly marked intersection, a path with poor visibility, or make a mistake in a decision.

Land software for cyclists

Not only mountain guides and hikers use it, but also elite athletes in the world of cycling such as Melcior Mauri, winner of the 1991 Vuelta a España who currently leads the KH7 team that competes in the well-known Titan Desert race.

Melcior Mauri Titan Desert TwoNav

“I use Land for track editing. I analyze them, I look for information on distances and profiles, for example, and it provides me with very detailed information with which to analyze a track, whether acquired or shared by a colleague.

I like to transform the tracks into TRK, since in my opinion, they are the ones that work best. On the one hand I collect all the analysis information and on the other hand it helps me in editing. With everything ready in Land, I transfer it to my TwoNav GPS and begin to discover, which is precisely the meaning of the TwoNav slogan “Freedom To Discover”.

I also like the option to change tracks as you go. I am already able, thanks to the tutorials, to practice these changes, eliminate disposable points and even play with colors. I’d like to learn a lot more about Land, as he has tons of perks that I think I can take advantage of in events like Titan Desert.

When I discovered this type of GPS, I was immediately passionate about the possibility of discovering places every day, without fear of getting lost and with the security that this device gives you. It’s a really rewarding experience.”

Land for all your outdoor routes

Clearly, Land can help hikers and cyclists, but don’t worry if you practice various sports or are more into kayaking or motorized outings. With Land you will be able to prepare your routes and you will enjoy the same reliability in all of them.

Do not miss the opportunity to start a new adventure in the mountains.

Try Land for free

Land twonav

Download the free version of Land and plan your next outings with the reliability that professionals do.

What better way to get to know Land than to try all of its features yourself.

Land Tutorials

If you have already downloaded, or have Land, remember that you have a wide variety of tutorials at your disposal, both on our blog and on TwoNav’s YouTube channel with the so-called “Mini Tuts”, with which you can learn to use Land with visual explanations of less than a minute in length.

What are you waiting for to plan your adventures?