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How to set goals in sport and meet them

There are many of us who come back from the summer holidays with great intentions to return to the routine, but without an action plan, they usually remain just a good intention. In this article we are going to teach you how to create a plan to turn your goals into attainable goals and not lose the motivation to achieve them.

How to set goals in sport and meet them

Choose the activity well and be flexible.

The first point is not to take training as an obligation, but as a motivation, choosing a sport or routine that makes us feel comfortable and that we like is important to maintain it over time.
This point also includes the level of demand that you choose and the flexibility when modifying your routine to adapt it according to the circumstances of the moment, which does not mean that you stop complying with your dose of sport!

Create different goals and always have a positive attitude with them

Although your ultimate goal may be to end up climbing K7 or participating in a Titan Desert, starting training with that goal can be very frustrating and invite you to give up before time, that’s why it’s important to set both long and short term goals, these are to try to be realistic, but that they suppose some effort or challenge for you. To gradually achieve your goals and feel proud of your progress, which will help motivate you more and more.

Define measurable goals

Define measurable goals

It is very important that all your objectives are measurable, so that you can assess each of your improvements. For this it is important that your objectives are specific in terms of time or kilometers.

Don’t let yourself be overcome by laziness

Laziness can be your worst enemy when it comes to meeting your goals, so we offer you several tips to avoid the excuses that may arise when you start training:

  • Prepare your kit in advance.
  • Meet someone, so you will create a commitment that will force you to go out. In addition, in this way you can create challenges between partners that challenge your training even more.
  • Organize your time and be clear about what time you are going to go out to train, to make sure you have time reserved.
  • Have a clear goal of why you have to train, and think about it when you get lazy.
  • Remember how you felt at the end of the previous training, exercise makes us feel great, so remember how you feel to motivate yourself.
  • Take the opportunity to train on the way to…
Complement your training

Complement your training

Although it has nothing to do with exercise, eating healthy will help us a lot to improve training motivation and see results in a short time.

Doing without ultra-processed foods and acquiring small healthy habits in our diet does not mean going on a diet, but helping our body to feel better and with more energy, which will help us a lot when facing our goals.

In addition to food, two things that we have to take care of are rest, if we do not sleep enough, we will be tired and that will affect our sports routine. And the mind, without emotional well-being, it is easy for our willpower to be diminished and therefore our goals are ruined.

How to define and analyze your goals with TwoNav?

You can define your goals by time or by kilometres, and increase them little by little, until you reach your ultimate goal. To do this, TwoNav offers you different functions specifically designed for training, and that will be very useful when analyzing them.

With Land, you will be able to create your routes and calculate the kilometers and unevenness, so you will be able to add hardness as you achieve your previous objective.

From the GPS you can choose your type of training, either by time, distance or using the TrackAttack option, where it confronts you with a previous training motivating you to improve yourself

In addition, you can also set GPS alarms according to the level of effort you want to demand of yourself in each workout, and the GPS will notify you if you exceed a certain number of heartbeats, speed, cadence, etc…

Divide the track into different sections that will help you analyze individually to know where you have to continue improving.

From the data pages of your GPS you will be able to analyze your performance in real time and adapt your training at all times.

Once the training is finished from Land you will be able to analyze the results of your training: graphs, calories consumed, distance, average speed, ascent…

Sharing your achievements will help motivate you to continue improving, from the TwoNav GO cloud you can do it directly on Strava, Koomot,…