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Maps for GPS How to Choose the Best One for You?

If you use GPS on your outings and enjoy navigability, you will know the importance of having a good map, and that being able to discover where each of the small trails that you come across leads to, is essential for those of us who like to explore and discover new routes and alternatives.

In addition, now with the new functionality of TwoNav you will be able to install the maps with a single click from your GPS.

What maps can I install on my GPS?

There are different maps that you can load on your GPS depending on your activity, road or mountain, or if you prefer to see your route with a real image or with contour lines like the traditional paper maps.

Topographic MAPS

Topographic MAPS

Here are the main maps that you can install on your GPS:

They show the relief of the terrain and contour lines, peaks, paths, national parks, towns,… With a level of detail of the orography on a large scale

In the TwoNav store you will find TOPO maps from the geographic institutes of each country (France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany…) they are quality topographic maps that cover the entire territory of the country.

For areas of special natural interest such as the Pyrenees or the Alps, there are maps from different publishers such as Alpina, Piolet, Fraternali or 4Land., which show a maximum level of detail, quality and updating.

MAPS Orthophoto

MAPS Orthophoto

They show an area on the earth’s surface from high-resolution aerial photographs, with the same validity as a cartographic map. They contain all the elements of the landscape: buildings, transit routes (from highways to roads), rivers, coasts, national parks… And you will be able to visualize your route as if you were seeing it from a bird’s eye view.



Road and street information (names, direction of the road, points of interest…). In TwoNav you can find both the Open Street Map (OSM) maps that cover the whole world and are a good source of information, as well as the TomTom maps that cover a large part of the world, and are the reference for quality urban navigation

Aeronautical Maps

Aeronautical Maps

Information for aircraft (runways, restricted areas…)

Nautical Maps

Nautical maps

Sea information (depth, ports, tides, currents, shipwrecks…)

3D Maps

3D maps

Needed to display any previous map in 3D views

Can I work with different maps on my GPS?

Can I work with different maps on my GPS?

The answer is yes. Your TwoNav device allows you to load more than one map of the same area at the same time. And superimpose the information of both maps regulating their degree of transparency. In the main menu, press ‘Maps > Select the map > Transparency’.

Where can I get GPS maps?

In the TwoNav Maps store you have a catalog of more than 30,000 maps to choose from.

Through Land, you also have a wide catalog of free maps, which you can cut out and load into your GPS.

How do I install the maps on my GPS?

Installing the maps on your GPS is now easier than ever with the new TwoNav functionality, which allows you to install the maps on your device via Wi-Fi, without the need to use cables.

We show you how in this simple video:

Enjoy sailing and discovering new places to go.