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Interview with Jose Navas, TwoNav ambassador

Today we bring you one of our most beloved and active ambassadors, Jose Navas: runner, cyclist, triathlete and passionate about sports in general. The pictures are provided by BillyFotograf and José Navas himself

TN: Hi Jose, your passion for sports has always led to new challenges, but how did you start in the world of high-performance sports?

JN: High performance sports have been present in my life since I was very young.

TN: What sport do you enjoy the most? Which one makes you feel really fulfilled?

JN: In sports as in life, everything is stages, I have enjoyed mountain races, triathlons, and now since relatively recently I enjoy mountain and road biking.

TN: Most of your challenges are prepared with our LAND software, how about working with this system? What do you recommend to our users?

JN: the convenient, fast and easy-to-use LAND software. Above all I would recommend it because it has very good cartography to work all types of routes.

TN: We recently saw you in the PEDALMA race, could you tell us which race has marked you the most or the one that has cost you the most to reach the goal?

JN: all races cost either at one time or another, or because of the distance or the unevenness, but Pedalma let me see a camaraderie that I loved. And from * costabravasurfeskiepicchallange, where I traveled the costa brava from north to south, in #nonstop, giving me a feeling of peace and tranquility, something unusual in my challenges.

TN: We know you love our Challenges. What type of TwoNav event or challenge would you like to participate in?

JN: taking my TwoNav with me in any of them, in diversity is the adventure.

TN: What do you think about the TwoNav GPS? You run with Trail 2 Bike in your races, what can you tell our users?

JN: TwoNav’s software is one of the most powerful on the market, along with its battery life, which for tests in stages or in non-stop versions are essential for me. Apart from having a very detailed cartography. 100% recommendable.

TN: How do you prepare for summer training? Are they the same as when it is less hot?

JN: low intensity and some volume, combining sports with swimming.

TN: Are you more of asphalt or mountain?

JN: mountain, without a doubt.

TN What advice would you give TwoNav users who are starting to practice cycling or running?

JN: get ready and have fun creating your own routes with TwoNav, to be able to fully enjoy your adventures.

TN: Do you want to add something else to your interview?

JN: Thank you for being part of your family.

We thank Jose, for his dedication and motivation so contagious. We hope to see you soon with upcoming challenges.