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Combine outdoor sports and vacations

And why not combine vacation and sport this year, especially outdoors after all this time staying at home. In general, TwoNav invites you to discover physical exercise from your front door in order to enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly experience. And why not succumb to the pleasure of the plogging philosophy?

The freshness of the woods

silhouette of person standing near trees

In the middle of the summer, playing sports in the woods is really the best option. The freshness of the trees will help you practice your favorite activity. In extreme temperatures, it is strongly recommended to exercise early in the morning or in the evening. As soon as the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, this can cause a real risk, especially for less assiduous athletes.

Walk in the woods

Walking remains the most ideal physical activity in summer since it increases body temperature very little, unlike intensive training such as Crossfit. Walking is one of the best physical activities and has many benefits: relieves back pain and reduces blood pressure.

TwoNavTip: Do you know Nordic walking? It’s a great alternative to get rid of those extra summer calories.

Recommendations: GPS TwoNav for the mountain, Maps and software.

Pedaling in the woods

The woods will give you an easy to master relief and will bring you a little action in full freshness. Mountain biking, bikepacking, cycling, family outing or just a morning alone, it will in any case be a perfect exercise for your heart and a great booster for the immune system especially in these difficult times.

TwoNavTip: Cycling will help you sleep and improve your overall sleep quality. We try to rest on vacation;)

Recommendations: GPS for cycling and accessories

The beach in motion

The beach attracts more and more visitors every year and the offer has changed completely in recent years. The water will keep you cool, but remember to drink and protect yourself from the sun.

Sand, the new arena

Kick the ball at Beach Volleyball, win a set of rackets, salty water football, jogging on the sand to strengthen your legs… all activities to strengthen your glutes, legs and abs.

TwoNavTip: A game of volleyball is an entire cycle of cardio exercise.

Aquatic sports

woman in blue shirt and blue denim jeans riding orange kayak on water during daytime

We no longer present them to you, water sports are the new star of summer 2021: surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, water polo, kitesurfing, rafting … Be careful of the risk of hydrocution !!

Recommendation: GPS for aquatic and nautical sports

TwoNavTip: All TwoNav GPS can go underwater so wait to discover a secret beach and send your photos;)

Mountain water

Water sports are not just for seas and oceans, and TwoNav invites you to your lakes and rivers to discover refreshing activities. Paddling along a river and taking the plunge when it’s too hot, what are we seriously waiting for? Rowing helps you especially with your arms and legs.

Fresh mountain air

Finally in the open air, discover new trails! Thanks to Land at TwoNav, create your own waypoints to literally do outdoor sightseeing by adding your favorite mountain restaurants, your hidden historical monuments and go on an adventure!

TwoNavTip: You hesitate between hiking and water sports, so try canyoning and combine everything you like.

A city vacation

person in red shirt standing near river during daytime

Staying or staying in a city in the middle of summer can be restrictive due to the heat and the lack of access to nature so on the way to book sessions of different sports: pitale, yoga, jogging, brisk walking, urban stairs, space of free urban sports, …

TwoNavTip: Create your own activity calendar, discover each of the alleys of your vacation spot by jogging in the morning, find the parks and gardens in your city, get around by bike, …