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Plogging. Sustainable sport

Plogging is a sustainable initiative born in Sweden that combines sports such as running with caring for the environment. Those who practice it collect the garbage (trash beauty) that are on the ground when they go for a run.

Our ambassador Roberto Cavallo is a great example of a sustainable athlete. This year, during the Keep Clean and Run race, it showed that we generate too much garbage and that we still need to be aware of keeping the environment clean.

Also during our last # 4Routes1Destiny event, our hiking team had the chance to practice plogging during their tour. Unfortunately they filled the bag they were carrying, precisely to collect waste that they might find along the way.

Although summer is already ending, it is vital not to stop practicing this sustainable initiative, not only for our planet and its ecosystem, but for ourselves, in order to continue enjoying the beauty that nature gives us.

Tips for practicing plogging

  1. Plogging can be done alone, but it is best if you go in a group. This way you can ollect a lot more garbage and you will have a lot more fun. Another tip is to go with a bicycle with a trailer to avoid having to carry the bag with the waste.
  2. Use biodegradable bags and gloves
  3. If you are several in the group, the ideal is to organize to separate the waste and, thus, be able to recycle it.