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Synchronisation TwoNav & Komoot

For years, Komoot has been a very popular application for planning activities, as is TwoNav‘s Land.

If you are a user of both brands, now you can plan your activities in Komoot and consult them from any of your TwoNav devices (GPS, App, Land), as well as download the routes of the regions you have in Komoot, to work on them from Land or navigate from your GPS or App.

When you finish an activity on your GPS or TwoNav App, it will be automatically synchronized with the TwoNav GO Cloud and your Komoot account, where it will appear on your completed routes. In this way, your outputs will be available in both spaces.

How to link Komoot with my TwoNav devices?

Very easy, you just have to follow these steps:

1-. Access your space in the TwoNav GO Cloud.
2-. Click on ‘Your name> Settings’
3-. In connected services, connect with Komoot
4-. Identify yourself with your Komoot account and accept the link.

Enrich your Komoot routes with Land

Thanks to the synchronization between the two platforms, you can now improve your routes: From joining different routes, adding one more section, shortening the route or adding waypoints.

1-. Search for one or several routes in Komoot and save them.

2-. When you sync Land with GO, your route will automatically appear in the Komoot folder of the Land data tree

3-. Select the route and adapt it to your liking from the track editor.

4-. From your GPS you can access your route from the “Online Routes>Komoot” menu

Adapt the routes to your liking

Edit or create routes with Land, the best rated route planning software on the market.