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New connectivity UtagawaVTT & TwoNav

UtagawaVTT is a free website where more than 17,000 mountain bike routes are currently shared, traveled, rated and commented on by a large community with more than 230,000 active members.

Our desire to offer the best to those who share with us the passion for adventure and facilitate the practice of sport, has led us to develop a connection with other services to share routes. The first partner to use this service has been UtagawaVTT, with which from now on it will be easier to access their routes from your TwoNav device (GPS and App).

For a long time, you can access UtagawaVTT routes for free from LAND, where it shows you the routes available in UtagawaVTT of the area where you have placed the map.

Now you can also send your MTB route directly from UtagawaVTT’s own site to your GPS or TwoNav App without going through a cable connection.

It works as follows:
1- Enter your UtagawaVTT account to activate the link with TwoNav GO

2- Find a route that you like, and open its detail page
3- Press the ‘Send to TwoNav’ button. The route will be sent to the TwoNav GO Cloud

4- Now it is available in the TwoNav ecosystem. To upload it to a GPS, there are several ways. The main:

From the GPS, with WiFi connection, go to the list of routes and enter ‘My routes online> GO, select and download.
From the GO website. open the route, and press the ‘Send to device’ button. When the device starts up with WiFi connection, it will download it automatically.

Of course, the route will also be available in Land, which has full synchronization with your personal storage space in the GO Cloud, and from where you can analyze or modify the route before taking it.