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New Strava TwoNav’s Club Challenge «Let’s move»

Get to know the new TwoNav Club on Strava and join our sustainable kilometers challenge!

Now, as a TwoNav user, you can also find us on Strava, the social network for athletes. Here you can join our new club and share your activities with the TwoNav Community.

How can I share my activity in the TwoNav club on Strava?

If you are not yet a member of Strava, you must download the APP on your mobile phone and create a user account.

If you are already a Strava user, the first step is to join the TwoNav Club, to do so you can follow the previous link and click on “Join the Club” and you will become part of it.

Strava TwoNav's Club

All the activities that you have uploaded on Strava will be shared with the rest of the users, and those marked as “race” will become part of the club’s leaderboard. Who will be our user with the highest number of kilometers?

As a TwoNav user you can synchronize all your activities uploaded to the Go cloud with Strava.

How to link TwoNav devices with Strava?

1-. Access your space in the TwoNav GO Cloud.
2-. Click on ‘Your name> Settings’
3-. In connected services, connect with Strava
4-. Login with your Strava account and accept the link.

Club TwoNav en Strava

How to participate in the TwoNav Strava «Let’s Move» challenge?

On the occasion of the 2021 mobility week at TwoNav we have organized the sustainable kilometers challenge.

What is it about? The TwoNav club user who completes the most kilometers during the week of September 20 to 26 will win a pack of TwoNav products.

The prizes will be, depending on the winner:

A) #MTB: Long equipment + bottle and little backpack

B) Hiking: 2 accessories, 1 Case + map.

To do this, you must sign up for our Strava club and start doing kilometers to add them to our leaderboard.

At the end of September 26, the user with the most accumulated kilometers will be the winner.

For your activities to appear in the leaderboard, the type of activity must be “Race”.

To modify it, you can edit your activity from the Strava APP by clicking on the 3 circles that appear in the header.

Club TwoNav en Strava