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European Mobility Week 2021

movilidad sostenible 2021

From September 16 to 22, the European Mobility Week is celebrated. From TwoNav we join this campaign to seek to improve people’s quality of life, with examples of sustainable mobility, both in nature and in urban areas.

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility was born out of concern about the emission of greenhouse gases that cause a tremendous environmental impact. These pollutants are caused by a multitude of factors, including pollution from the private motorized vehicles that we use in our day-to-day lives.

There are many countries that are joining this movement, such as the case of Barcelona, ​​which has presented its plan of concrete actions for this week of sustainable mobility (Parking day or the well-known Day without cars).

Benefits of sustainable mobility

When we talk about sustainable mobility, the reduction of environmental pollution comes to mind. It is the main benefit of these sustainable actions.

The savings in gasoline is evident. Moving by bicycle or electric car are alternatives that will make us save on fuel, insurance, parking or maintenance. We cannot forget oil exploitation and its risk to the environment.

Did you know that in Spain the number of annual victims of air pollution exceeds 36,000? Knowing this, isn’t it important that we try to reduce the death rate from lung cancer, stroke, or other respiratory diseases?

One of the silent diseases, stress, is also closely related to the use of vehicles. Tension during traffic jams or driving itself can improve if we make less use of the vehicles. We are convinced that without stress, sleep disorders and bad mood will also go away.

Another highlight is the recovery of downtown areas. Normally the center of any city is a hive of cars, noise and pollution. If we reduced driving, these areas would be totally renovated and much more passable.

Examples of sustainable mobility

  1. Smart mobility using your GPS or TwoNav App. Both in nature and in urban areas you can use software to prepare your routes and know the state of the roads in real time. Also, if we move around the city, we can know, thanks to the apps, the waiting time in public transport.
  2. Smart parking. Currently you can see by different applications if there are parking spaces available and their availability. It is a good resource to avoid taking detours with the vehicle.
  3. Use of bicycles. Whether you go by city or prefer your outdoor adventures with any of our GPS for bicycles, you will obtain the benefits mentioned above.
  4. Use of public transport in urban areas.

World Car Free Day 2021

On September 22, World Car Free Day is celebrated and it is the closing of this week of sustainable mobility. As we have seen, on this day the aim is to raise awareness and make visible a change in habits among people who move on public roads. The objective is none other than to establish a new mobility model.

At TwoNav, one more year, we will join this campaign.