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World Car Free Day 2021

World Car Free Day is celebrated on September 22 all over the world. In 1973, coinciding with the European oil crisis, they began to think of alternatives to reduce gasoline vehicles. It was Great Britain who started this movement which was followed by the European Commission in 2000.

This day marks the closing of the European Mobility Week and, although we must remain sustainable throughout the year, it is a point of motivation for the world’s population.

“Car-free days are a great opportunity for cities to realize the amount of pollution that affects our lives”. UN Environment

Every year concrete actions are created to raise awareness about the responsible use of motorized traffic and, thus, look for ecological alternatives such as public transport, the use of bicycles or electric vehicles.

At TwoNav we also wanted to raise awareness about sustainable mobility with our “Let’s Move” campaign held this week.

What can we do on World Car Free Day?

There are many actions during the celebration of this day, however the most prominent are the actions whose content and focus is focused on actions for long-term changes. An example of this type of action are programs with specific proposals to discourage the use of private motorized vehicles in cities. We also find the actions that seek to educate and inform and are those in which the consequences of the abusive use of pollutants are exposed. Local events such as openings of green or sustainable spaces are also usually held.

For this, the participation of citizens and authorities committed to this type of changes and proposals is very important. In some European cities, for example, public transport is completely free on this day.