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Interview with Pol Tarrés, TwoNav Ambassador

We interview Pol Tarrés, Professional Trials Rider | Top 6 UCI Trials World Ranking!

The best memories of the Trail 2 Challenge?

– Pedaling all day and discovering super quiet places in the middle of nowhere. We did many stretches in the middle of nature and the landscapes we saw were spectacular. We had everything, rain, sun, heat, cold …

How did you train during quarantine?

– The truth is that I was lucky to have a large parking lot where I could do some exercises with a TRX and some weights that I had at home, in addition to a few hours of cardio on the exercise bike, and, although it is not much, I feel very lucky having been able to do it.

Land Premium best practice?

– What I like the most is being able to cut and edit tracks. Most of the time you find tracks that do not look like what you want to do and with Land you can join, edit and cut two, three, four, or whatever you want, until you get the perfect route.

Trail 2 Bike best practice?

– The battery lasts a long time and the screen is very large, and it is appreciated when you go fast.

Your sports motto?

– The truth is that I do not have a sports motto, I simply do what I like and with a lot of work things always go well, and it is something that I try to apply to all areas of my life.

How was your trip in the Dolomites?

– It was a brutal experience, we decided to go to Dolomites because it seemed like a super spectacular destination but there wasn’t much information about enduro, so we didn’t know what to expect either. Upon arrival there we discovered some very well built trails with unbeatable views. It is definitely a place to consider when planning an mtb or enduro trip.

Your next challenge in Menorca and what is the best use of the TwoNav product to plan this trip?

– Well, before going, using Land, since we can prepare the routes, doing the roadbooks so we don’t miss anything and plan the whole adventure. Once there, with the devices to follow everything we have prepared. Taking into account that we will be pedaling for quite a few hours a day, we need devices with a long battery life like TwoNav’s.

What do you expect from TwoNav in the future?

– I hope he continues on the path he is on. Seeking the excellence of devices and software to allow users to enjoy the adventures we want!